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More Than a Company Builder — We're the Enterprise Activator™ 

From Startup to Success

Paystr is a growth engine for early-stage companies and content creators that have innovative and transformational technology or products.

Paystr Empowers Innovations to Take Off and Pay Off

Paystr empowers startups and content creators with the resources, tools, and processes needed to succeed. We analyze, plan, and create a path-to-market roadmap that transforms startups into self-sustaining enterprises.

As an Enterprise Activator, we...

  1. Assess, prepare, and develop business, financial, and capital plans.
  2. Organize or re-organize the startup into the appropriate business structure.
  3. Help position the startup for Series A Investment.
  4. Assist in the implementation of the business through exit.

In addition, certain equity funds and investors are provided the opportunity to invest in a portfolio of diversified startups that are in development to complete or have completed the Paystr Enterprise Activator process.

What We Do

Paystr makes ideas pay off

Paystr’s proprietary Enterprise Activator methodology is used to identify and grow innovative startup companies into self-sustaining enterprises.

The process includes the development of a Prosperity Plan that accelerates the path-to-market and establishes a commercialization roadmap for continued growth and investability.

The Prosperity Plan provides technology optimization, intellectual property assessment, optimization of capital structure, refinement of operations, and the creation of a path-to-market penetration plan.

Who We Are

Paystr is a team of startup professionals

Paystr is a team of experienced entrepreneurial professionals that utilizes their experience and capabilities to guide startup companies to commercial success. Paystr’s entrepreneurial team drives new business startups to maximize business profitability.

We identify innovation, optimize technology, optimize intellectual property and capitalization structure, refine operations, facilitate market penetration, provide support networks, provide a roadmap that guides long-term prosperity, and provide exit expertise.

Who We Work With

Paystr works with startups and content creators in a variety of markets.

Interested in Paystr?

The engine behind success

How It Works

The Enterprise Activator

Paystr’s Enterprise Activator methodology is based on a 10-step core process and 6 functional Expertise Engines that facilitate business planning and growth.

Risk Mitigation

Paystr's experience, objectivity, and professional depth are leveraged early in the venture's lifecycle. Paystr's novel Enterprise Activator paired with its talent and process-driven "Engines" fundamentally reduces the venture's uncertainty for both the founder and investors.

Why Work With Paystr

Expertise and tools at your service

Paystr offers a powerful combination of state-of-the-art technology and a team of experts dedicated to your success. We execute our innovative solutions with relentless diligence. We do everything it takes to get results.

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